Sunday, June 17, 2007

Watched bodogFights Last Night

Man, I'm really beginning to think that with some added talent, bodogFight could rival the UFC with international fans. No elbows to the head, talking seriously of implementing knees to the ground, and it's in a ring! I know US wont like that for the most part, but they put on a good show and dont let their fighters stall.
Anyway, last night, Denis Kang was doing some between fights color commentary. I guess his affiliation with bF is more than just casual. And that sucks for the UFC and American fans in general. He is one of the best p4p fighter alive today. Few in the UFC would give him much of a challenge save the usual suspects in Filho, ASilva, Nate, and Rich ( and I doubt that one after last night).

A vid to show you what I mean. The other fighter is Melvin Manhoef, another unknown, yet great fighter.


Anonymous said...

They have had the best womens bout that I have ever seen, and on every show that I have that has a women's bout, it has been the fight of the night in my opinion.

MoreThanUFC said...

I agree. I love watching the women go at it. I'm not sure with episode you saw, both had women's bouts, but the win by Julie Kedzie impressed the crap outta me.