Wednesday, June 27, 2007

This is the Funniest MMA Video Ever

This video is so fucking funny, that even at the hospital on my PDA I had to figure out a way to post it. Hardest computer thing I've ever done, but worth it.

Shanno Ritch is such a tool.

My Favorite Bout of All Time

With my ongoing project surrounding Dana White going on, I just can't get over his opinion that Matt Hughes versus Frank Trigg II is the greatest MMA bout he's ever seen, I feel it necessary to post one that could actually qualify as one of the best ever. Heart, skill, technicality, determination, mental toughness, it's all here. How many knees does Newton eat?

Note on the video, the announcer says Pele is 28 in 2002. His first pro bout in Capoeira/Vale Tudo was in 1990. That means he was 16 in his first bout? No, Pele was closer to 35 in this bout. I used to get Vale Tudo VCR tapes in 1991 outta NYC when I was in Europe and most of those tapes would have 2-3 Pele bouts, all different from many different years, some dating back to the 80's. Pele is a hell of a lot older than I think even he knows.

A highlight of the fighter who at one time was the greatest mixed martial artist alive.

MoreThanUFC on Intermittent Hiatus

I'll be in and out over the course of the next week. My wife is scheduled for surgery tommorrow, but unfortunately had to be admitted three days sooner than planned. Family first my friends.

PS - Insurance companies suck ass.

Nick "THC" Diaz Feeling Lucky, He Wants Shamrock

Nick Diaz, who is signed with ProElite, has requested to face Frank Shamrock as soon as possible. After a spectacular win against Takanori Gomi, Diaz seems intent on enrolling himself for higher profile fights. With both fighters fighting in the same organization this fight seems the logical next step in what would be an MMA fan's dream come true.

"I watched his last fight and no disrespect intended but I think I would whoop his ass.", stated Diaz. A formal offer of intent has been delivered to the promoters to set this fight up and now we await their response.

According to MMAonTap, Diaz has already proposed the bout to EliteXC's promoters. Obviously, Frank Shamrock has at least six months to heal from his torn ACL/MCL injury and Nick still has three months left on his pot suspension, plus three months to train, and this bout wouldn't happen until early next year.

I thought it seemed pretty certain that Frank and Cung Le were gonna do battle next in the Sacramento area. With two high profile hometown boys clashing, it seemed to fit the mold of what Shamrock wanted. But Nick is from NorCal, so maybe the powers that be could convince him this fight would sell.

Nick make a good choice at moving down to lightweight. He was always a small welterweight and was overpowered at times in his bouts with Karo Parisyan and Diego Sanchez. If he moved up to 185, Frank would easily have 20 lbs on him. Nick boxes very well, but lacks any serious KO power. Frank just showed us his hands are much better than we all thought. They are about even on the ground, so I'm not sure I see where Nick thinks this is will be a good bout for him.
I should never be surprised by anything Nick Diaz says, but this time, I am.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

For the Veterans Amoung Us.

Damn, this article almost made me cry. I'm 36 now and past my prime, but I would love to be 22 again and in the jungles of Colombia. Back then we couldn't go into any cities for fear of getting kidnapped, but we did go into local towns and watch Vale Tudo style fights all the time. That was my first outlet to MMA.

Then in Japan is the late 90's shuttling back and forth to the Phillipines and other countries, I would always catch any Pancrase I could. The first fighter I remember was Bas Rutten. How could you miss a bald, white Hollander?

I ALWAYS asked myself if I could do what I saw. How tough I really was. Could I compete. Well, I never got to find out, but someone else is living my dream for me...

Read this soldiers, sailors, and marines.

Cave Canem, brother. Give em hell.

Glad I Only Play Poker -- Thoughts on the TUF Finale

Wow, after going 6-1 picking the EliteXC/Strikeforce card the other night, I thought I was on a roll. Last night was ... not so good.
As I mentioned on Luke Thomas' radio show, Any Given Saturday, I picked Jens Pulver to beat BJ Penn in round two via GnP or by submission. Did I thing Jens would submit him with a slick oomaplata? No, I was thinking more along the lines of a mounted RNC or tapout to strikes. Well, I was right in the ending, but happened to pick the wrong fighter. I spoke with a contact of mine from Miletich Fighting Systems who told me that Jens was in his best shape in years, that his cardio was good, and that the team felt they put together a good game plan for Jens to win. This isn't someone who is just feeding me the standard lines of bullshit, so I took what he said as truth. And he was on the money, Jens looked great last night. But who woulda thought BJ Penn would come in looking like he did? Wow, that is the best shaped I have ever seen BJ in. And that makes me happy. I've been dissing Penn for years because I cant stand fighters who have the world's talent and then waste it. I'm gonna have to see him like this again, but if there is a new BJ, then count me as a fan.

The Emerson vs Maynard fight was one of the craziest endings ever in MMA. Serious loss of respect for Gray for not admitting what was blatantly obvious, that he was TOTALLY knocked out after the slam. Rampage you are not kid.

Props to Cole Miller the striker for a nasty Lil' Crocop high left leg kick. Was the stoppage premature, yeah. But look who he was fighting. Wang has about as much business in a cage as Corey Hill does at this point, maybe less.

That is what a fresh and uninjured Joe Lauzon looks like. I wish he woulda fought Wiman or Gray or Garcia. That kid is on the rise. Now if Dana could pay him a decent wage, the kid could train full-time and not have to worry about his student loans.

Nate Diaz wins the TUF 5 contract. Did you see the guy in the stands over is shoulder freaking out? With all the crap between Nate and Nick we see on Youtube, you know those two are close as hell. "Do I mind being in the shadow of Nick Diaz? Why would I be? Better his shadow that Karo Parisyan's." I almost choked on my beer.
Manny's shoulder injury has been recurring for along time. It's a common injury among Judo practitioners. I did know that he hurt it fighting Lauzon in the semifinals of the show, and also knew that the Gracie team planned on attacking it in some way. I just didnt anticipate Nate letting Manny shoot so that he would dislocate it on his knee! Was it a bit of a let down? Sure, but then again it should have been Nate v Joe in the finals anyway, but injuries are a part of this sport. Manny fought through his, and Joe didn't.

Any Given Saturday Post-Fight radio show
Pre-fight show with Clay Guida

Props out to Luke Thomas. He's getting better on the radio with every show. Give a listen.