Sunday, July 15, 2007

Racism Sucks

Bloggers, Take a Fucking Stand

Man, today we got deftly informed by Sam Caplan about the racism that occurred at the bodog show last night. Then, on Any Given Saturday, Matt from UFCTakedown confirmed what Sam said. We've put up with the racism on the UG and the horror that is Fightsport and we've gone silent. FUCK THAT. As an ex-soldier, and a very proud American, I find this not only offensive, but abhorrent. Racism is not only fucking wrong, but it's against everything that martial arts stand for. Racism is also a clear sign of ignorance and lack of mental evolution. It is a sign of the weak.

So, I ask all bloggers out there to create a Blank Post with no text, just the headline, Racism Sucks. I'll go first.

Jui-Jitsu is Dead

At least without a wrestling pedigree behind it.
I posted after UFC 73 a point about the losses of Franca, Bocek, Marquardt, and wins by Lytle, Minatauro, Florian, and Bonnar and you can toss in a draw between to wrestlers, that BJJ was dead in MMA without either a solid wrestling pedigree or honed striking skills, so let's analyze:

Edgar's wrestling totally neutralized Bocek's world class BJJ.

Lytle, an ex-boxer who has trained on the ground for years now, made Jason Gilliam look like a doll on the ground.

Florian, once a BJJ only guy, now has Muay Thai skills that may be top ten at 155 in the UFC.

Franca needs to sell his BJJ black belt on ebay. He looked like a complete joke on the ground against a top eschelon wrestler in Sherk.

Bonnar, another ex boxer and wrestling standout, looked just beautiful on the ground against Nickels.

Big Nog it seems has all but abandoned his BJJ for the striking side, unless an opportunity presents itself. He no longer constantly looks for takedowns and subs.

Fighters must be well-rounded today, of course. But either some of these BJJ black belts were purchased at Target, or these guy's need to start paying local wrestlers for lessons. You need to strike or you need to wrestle, and either way, know submissions.

Wanna see what I mean? Short vid. Both of these guys are BJJ black belts, but Jake Shields is a two time all American wrestler. Watch his posture and position. He makes Ido look like a fool.

Cage Rage 22 Zaromskis Vs Mason

You may not have heard of either of these guys, but if you like striking and devastating KOs, watch this one. Marios reminds me of Zelg "Lil Mirko", or even Crocop himself. Awesome fight and even greater finish. It's three rounds, but damn near all action, so you won't be sleepy watching all 17 mins of it.