Monday, June 18, 2007

Shinya Aoki is Really That Good

I just cant get over the news that this guy may be signing with the UFC is some capacity. Sporting an 11-2 MMA record and riding an 8 fight win streak, he is sure to make waves at 155 or 170. His only two losses are to Mach Sakurai and Jutaro Nakao early on in his career. The vid above highlights some of his never-seen-before-in-MMA subs, including a standing armlock submission, and MMA's first gogoplate sub. Not many are gonna be able to deal with this guy at 155. He has future champion written all over him.


Ransdell said...

Aoki is bad ass. what weight do you think he'll fight at? who sings that song, it kind of sounded like iggy pop, anyway awesome highlight.

MoreThanUFC said...

Lotta speculation right now, that if he signs, what weight will he compete at. My gut reaction is 170, but he'll end up being a small 170, unlike a guy like Koscheck that comes in at 183-5 after cutting. I believe Shinya can make 155 if he aligns himself with some American trainers that are good at cutting. Most Japanese fighters shed water weight to make their class, but the cuts are usually in the 5-9 lb range.
If Aoki stays on that line, he will never make 155. But even as a small 170er, his Jujitsu is good enough that it shouldnt matter much. If he can make 155, no one will stop him.

Anonymous said...

Although I too think Shinya has a ton of potential and may very well be a future champ, I would say he has one knock against him. As Brian Lo-A-Njoe showed in the last bout, Shinya has a hard time taking punches. It seemed the punches Brian through early on were really flustering Shinya and put Aoki in a big hole. But fuck, how great is that rubber guard!