Saturday, June 23, 2007

A Blogger's Comment on ... Blogging

Feel free to comment however you like on this site. I don't edit for cursing or disagreeing with me. Hell, the world wouldn't be any fun if we all agreed all the time. I also won't delete if the more knowledgeable readers rip just the shit of a freaking idiot who decides to post libelous and ridiculous statements, such as saying Cung Le's pays his opponents to stand and get beaten on. Other blogs deem calling a person such as this an idiot as grounds to delete that post, but in turn leave up the more ridiculous statement. Affirmation through deletion.
I feel an IP ban coming on, but hey, who cares. I have my own blog now. It's not like I could give a shit. I don't need news about Rachelle Leah's FHM spread or three day old news about Denis Kang and Soko to keep me going. In fact my whole reason for starting this blog in the first place was not getting credit for my contributions elsewhere.
Control the trolls, or they will eventually control your site. The Internet doesn't need anymore Sherdog forums, 90% of the UG, or Fightsports. It needs solid MMA NEWS sites and active bloggers posting their opinions, not rehashing the news and calling it blogging. Trolling doesn't do anyone any good, and it's our responsibility as bloggers to educate the uninformed and to bitch slap people who make outrageous statements. Peace, MTU.

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Ahh Cristmas in Africa.