Saturday, June 16, 2007

I Lied, I Bought UFC 72

Damn, that Luke Thomas. I end up being the first caller on the show, Luke gets me all hyped up, and I end up ordering that shitty card.
Honestly, it wasnt really that bad. The undercard bouts were fantastic. Ed Herman showed he belongs in the UFC. He keeps improving every fight. The Griffin v Guida fight was nonstop and mosdef was fight of the night, but I feel Guida got robbed. No way did Griffin win rounds 2 and three. I guess the fulcrum round was 2, but I thought Guida initiated more, and did more overall damage. Jason MacDonald beating a much improved Rory Singer was fantastic to me. I really like JMac as much as I pick on Canadiens. He is a real respectable guy with a great attitude. Even in his interview with Joe, you could tell he felt uncomfortable talking a little trash to Singer about his prefight presser comedy routine.
THE HEADLINE FIGHTS SUCKED. That is exactly why I didnt wanna buy this card. I was truly afraid of Forrest and Okami not engaging. Well, Forrest engaged, but kept pulling off when he could have finished. I know he is just coming off a loss, but this habit of flurrying and then running is becoming way too prevalent in the UFC. I know Okami starts slow, and he filled the bill tonight. I was afraid of just what happened. Okami gave away the first two rounds, then came out tough as nails and dominated Franklin in the third. Rich just proved to me that he is nowhere near the level of Hendo, ASilva, Nate, or Ryo. If he gets a title shot next as was announced, I expect that will be his last fight in the UFC.
They must institute a yellow card system to punish fighters for lack of aggression. This recurring theme is getting boring. A fighter wins the first, flurries in the second, and cruises in the third. I understand Forrest's position, but Hector Ramirez was limping around the ring on a battered left leg. He was prime for a head kick or a good one-two-kick-one two. And Okami, while that's his style to start slow, it is really not good to have the crowd BOO the last four headline and co-headline fights.
Was this card worth $40? Not on your life.

Side note -- Goldie kept saying the area in Ireland was sold out. Um, click here for the truth.


RoB said...

i feel you on the "habit of flurrying and then running is becoming way too prevalent in the UFC". i love watchin chute box fighters those guys dont stop, like shogun.i laugh everytime i see the footage of him runnin and jumpin to stomp that guy in the face

MoreThanUFC said...

Pride just never had bad fights. One reason in that the scoring was done all at once for the whole fight, not round by round. So if you layed around like Okami and Franklin did for two rounds, whoever flurried would win. If we were in Pride, Okami wins that bout, hands down.

RoB said...

some fights in ufc are boring as hell.not all but more and more. im all about strategy but come on now. pride has some serious back and forth beatdowns. i always show my friends clips of pride fights and they usually say they dont see that in ufc. pride fighters take more PRIDE in themselves then just tryin not to lose. i hate HATE when people fight not to lose

David said...

Totally agree about the card system.

YouTapped said...

Well, about time I spammed your blog, eh? ;)

I agree with the article, however I liked how Forrest fought, at least for the first two rounds. In the third round I thought he should have taken advantage of Ramirez tornished left leg. 2-3 really strong and well placed kicks to the quadriceps and Ramirez would have went down, allowing to switch to some GnP or submission game.

But then again you can hardly blame Forrest for listening to Randy in his corner, who preached the studied combinations, not really suggesting a finish either.

I'm excited about the Griffin-Guida rematch. I also thought Guida got robbed and I don't like this re-occuring bad judging. Talking about bad judging: I like Franklin, he's one of the few decent guys out there, but the third round was a 10-8 and UFC judges should finally use the full extend of the point system to come to conclusions such as draws.

Two rounds of slight advantage and one round of domination clearly even each other out at least. Well, now that this horrible card is over we can get excited again with UFC 73, 74 and 75 looking very promising.

MoreThanUFC said...

Thanks for finally responding to my blog. VERY interested in your web server thing.
Can you see the Google ads on my page, because as the blogger, I cant. Guess its so I cant click them myself.

I dont disagree with the way Forrest fought, and Randy said later he wanted to make sure FG got his confidence back, and that any win would help. But the 10 point system is gonna hurt a lot of PRide fighters who start more measured. Okami isnt Pride, but I see problems in the long run.
Happy as hell at the rematch, and the next three cards, plus the TUF finale look like we have some great UFC style MMA coming up. I'm REALLY psyched for the Neo-Blood tourney coming soon. I hope I can get it on ProElite.
See ya brother.

Chris Valentine said...

I too bought the PPV, and I agreed completely with you article. The only thing is I believe that if Forrest can get past his knock out jitters, and learn to finish then he will be a great fighter (and of course I am bias).

Chris Valentine

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