Monday, June 18, 2007

Notes from MMAWeekly Radio with Phil Baroni and Jens Pulver

The MMAWeekly radio team of Damon Martin and Jeff Caine agree with me that rd 3 of the Franklin/Okami round should have been a 10-8 round.

Both guys think Clay Guida won, but arent disappointed since the fight was so close.

Baroni up first... Phil fights Frank Shamrock for the Strikeforce MW title this Saturday

You cant hear Phil at all.

Has been training at Xtreme Couture. Feels this is the hardest he has ever trained and honestly wants to hurt Frank. He has trained for a full five rounds, but seriously doubts it'll go that far.

He has an open contract with Strikeforce, so where he goes afterward depends on what happens Saturday.

Says he can fight in the UFC anytime he wants. He thinks the guys on TUF are "shit".

He's sad Pride is gone. He was happy to be apart of the show, and loved the stomps to the head.

He says if anyone doubts his power that they should ask Ryo Chonan.

Both guys think that Baroni is the favorite.

Jens up now...

He's healthy with no injuries, he is already at 155 and will fight at around 150, and knows how tough BJ is.

On TUF, he really grew to care for the guys. Corey Hill was training with MFS, but got hurt during training. He then went home to his family, and Jens hasnt heard from him since.

Jens got rid of Karo since he was the guest. He said Karo had been there for days, and probably had worn thin on Nate.

He will go where he's told, but would love to go to the WEC and fight at 145. If the UFC asks him where he want to go, he said he wants to fight at 145 and battle with Urijah Faber.

Jens and Spencer Fisher trained with each other for their current bouts.

He says he will not fight slow and plans on pushing the pace. Jens has been training his wrestling hard for his fight with BJ. He says he could care less that he's not on PPV. The Jens you saw on camera is exactly who he is.

Word to the fans: he's bringin it. He has no fear of BJ's ground game, he respects it, but plans on going for the win. No matter what, he wants his fans to be entertained. He plans on ending his feud with BJ as soon as the fight is over.

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