Monday, June 18, 2007

Denis Kang notes

He has not signed anything yet, but he will make his decision this week.

bodog and the UFC seem like the leaders right now.

He wants money first, to be treated like a star, and championship level competition.

He will not fight in the WEC.

He thinks what's going on with the UFC and Pride is a little fishy.

He has no idea where Fedor is going.

Whatever contract he signs, he must be allowed to fight in Korea and Spirit MC.

Denis thinks Cole Miller will have an easy time with Andy Wang. He says Cole grew up in MMA, not a single discipline. He thinks Cole is part of the future of MMA, guys who start very young in MMA and that by the time they're 23, they've had 10-15 fights.

His first fight was an illegal bare-knuckle NHB fight.

Thinks Franklin would be perfect for him.

Thinks Hendo is number one at 185, followed by Denis Kang, and Denis Kang.

Props Sherdog Radio.

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