Thursday, June 21, 2007

Forrest Griffin Flying the Coop for EliteXC?

On the ProElite website, they are showing the press conference. At the 29:00 min mark, Gary Shaw, the president of EliteXC, tries to introduce Forrest Griffin. Forrest is eating free food at the buffet and cant be found, but Gary says, "He fought ( past tense ) for the U Fight Cheap organization." What the heck? He signed a 6 fight deal after winning the first season of the Ultimate Fighter and that contract was up after the Hector Ramirez bout, but I'm totally shocked the UFC wouldn't throw mad money at one of their most popular fighters.
In this bloggers opinion, the UFC is making serious errors lately regarding fighters. Yes, they are the biggest, but this sport is still growing. If they don't lock up all the best fighters now, someone can and will come along and challenge their current supremacy. Soko, Arona, Fedor, Hansen, and Kang all have had discussions lately with the UFC, and none seemed happy in their dealings with Dana and the crew. Those are some BIG names right there. Any organization that signs them instantly grows that much more respectable and that much more marketable.
UFC = U Fight Cheap.

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