Saturday, June 23, 2007

The Mixed Bag for Tonight's TUF Finale

Season 5 is over, thank God. No more streetfights, crying, eating cake, whining, and colonics. But the show has produced at least 6 new LWs I'll be keeping my eye on: Manny, Nate, Joe, Cole, Matt, and Gray.

MMA on Tap will be live blogging the event.

Luke Thomas will be live on the air with MMA's only pre and post fight radio show. The pre-fight show starts at 8pm est, and the post-fight show starts at 12am.

And Sam Caplan posted his thoughts on tonight's card here.

My picks for tonight for all the fights that arent horrible mismatches are Jens Pulver over BJ by submission or GnP and I dont mean a flurry GnP, I mean brutal GnP; Nate Diaz over Manny easier than most are saying by submission in round 2; and in the upset of the nite, Brian Gerharty subs Matt Wiman. The rest of the fights are just terrible.
If either Garcia or Huerta lose, the UFC is weering egg come Sunday morning. Between the two, Huerta has the greatest chance of getting upset. Anytime the UFC pulls some guy outta nowhere to fight one of their stars, you can bet at least that Joe Silva knows the kid can fight. Not many picked Houston Alexander over Keith Jardine, and looked what happened there. Doug Evans can fight. Will he beat Huerta? I'm not picking this underdog like I did Houston, but if Huerta is looking past him, his night could be over quick.


ransdell said...

are you going to join mania's fight club at playground. we need more members.

MoreThanUFC said...

No. I am in no way associated with UFCMania. I have to keep repeating that to keep the UFCMania police from suing me.
Nah, seriously, I wish those guys the best, I was there at the beginning. But I really want nothing to do with the site anymore.
Peace MTU.