Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Tapout on Versus

Wow, very cool show. I didnt even know I had Versus on my DirecTV until about a week ago...

Tonight's episode featured a fighter out of John Hackleman's The Pit named Antonio Banuelos. He's a 135 lb fighter who fights in the WEC. Tough kid! Damn, does he put out in training. The guy was going at 100 mph doing situps, pullups, tire pounding, medicine ball throwing... just working his ass off.
Later in the show, he's at Liddell's house at a party with the Tapout crew. He was abstaining since he had a fight that Saturday at WEC 26 on 3/24/07. So, in regards to the Vernon White accusation of Liddell being in rehab, I think it is clearly bullshit. During the filming of the show, Liddell is repeatedly shown training along side his Pit teammates. But it makes you wonder how "sick" he really was with pneumonia, or if he really wasnt just drunk after another hard night of partying.
The show ended with Banuelos losing via KO to Charlie Valencia. When he was backstage, Liddell is telling him that hey, it happens, you just got caught, you made a mistake... Wonder if Antonio was saying the same thing to him at UFC 71?

A side note out of the show, John Hackleman is so hard, he made his 80 year old father work out the day after he had a stroke. If he only pushed Chuck that hard...

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