Friday, June 15, 2007

A Thought on Some Serious Bullshit

My man Bloody Elbow made a point on his blog about MMA fighters being compared to soldiers. I want to address this here and now.

MMA fighters are just that, fighters. They aren't soldiers, they aren't going into combat, and it's not war.

I spent many years overseas defending my great nation and have seen my share of nightmares. I'd climb in a cage with Chuck Liddell right now, than have to back to Africa and see ethic cleansing up close. I'd punch Fedor in the face before going back to Colombia and seeing Colombian policemen hanging from poles with their throats cut and their dicks stuck in their mouths. I'd kick Mirko Filipovic in the nuts before seeing a 10 year old girl get her head blown off again ten feet in front of me.

My favorite comparison is this:
MMA fights are to street fighting as paintball is to actual combat.

MMA is a sport, nothing more. Aint no refs in the rain forests of S. America or in an alley in New York. When your fighting for your life, you dont think about wrist control or foot position, you think about shoving a finger into your enemy's eye or tearing off his ear or placing one in the body T.


RoB said...

war is hell,it changes a man.I agree that some people are too liberal with thier comparisons, thats some really powerful stuff.

MoreThanUFC said...

Thanks for the comments Rob. I just hate when they say fighter A and fighter B are going to war, or this fighter is a true soldier.

cre8tiv said...

thank you for this post. I agree 100% with this post. I have family overseas right now fighting, and I can promise you that if they were to get into a cage with anyone in the UFC, they would not lose. There's no comparison to MMA and WAR at all. Thank you for this post, and for serving our country.

Anonymous said...

Fuck guys its only a sport!!! Like jesus everybody and there dog knows that what happens in the ring or cage between MMA fighters isnt the same as soldiers fighting over seas! Like both MMA fighters and soldiers are the same in that they train in hand to hand fighting yes, but where in the UFC its for sport, soldiers are traind to kill and protect. Like some of the fighters were and still are soldiers, take Patrick Cote he was a soldier. Like god damn it you all took this way to siously, like take a chill pill be fore you hurt youself! when they say that its only to bring people to watch it, get the fans pumped! If you guys dont like it then dont watch it and shit like damn it let the people like myself enjoy it for the intertanmet it was put on TV for.

Anonymous said...

yes fighters arent soldiers but dont say that your not affraid to get in the ring with one. the guys in the ufc train to protct themselves and inflict pain on others in the cage. i completely respect soldiers but seriously think before saying that any soldiers would not lose to anyone in the sport

Anonymous said...

yes fighters arent soldiers but dont say that your not affraid to get in the ring with one. the guys in the ufc train to protct themselves and inflict pain on others in the cage. i completely respect soldiers but seriously think before saying that any soldiers would not lose to anyone in the sport

Anonymous said...

yea like c'mon these other guys are right like siously, soldiers are ome of the braviest men and wemon on earth and we are all proud of them but they cant be comparid to mma fighter, they are really not the same at all. soldiers are traind to kill, more so with weapons. mma fighters train in hand combat and not to kill. you guys gotta think more on this!

Anonymous said...

I am an MMA fighter and you wouldnt ever stand in the ring with me for more than 10 seconds. I have more than respect for what youve done for this country and honor anyone willing to die for what they belive, but trying to bash mma fighters and say you could beat them because youve held an m16 and seen some hard stuff. Your not a soldier nor an honorable piece of our countries vital assets. A good soldier would honor a fighter dedicating his life to a sport not bash it and try to look badass for what theyve accomplished. As for your training you havent trained half as hard as i ever have you dont hold a belt in jiu Jitsu nor muay tai kickboxing, nor anything youd get fucked in a fight with anyone who trains cuz your not a fighter. your a solider trained to fight wars not go hand to hand with anyone. So you better worry bout your feet position you fucking idiot cuz your military badges and desire to be patted on the back arent going to save you when im choking you the fuckout and hammering your head in. and no need to respond with some childish ill do this and that. Its the truth. We honor what you do and know we couldnt fire guns in iraq and we praise you everyday. show some respect by at least acknoledging we train everyday to know hand to hand combat better than some poser looking for apat on the ass. get a life or meet me anyday and go toe to toe with me. You'll end up beggin me on your knees to stop i can garuntee.

Anonymous said...

Right on man!!!!! Perfectly said!!!!!

Anonymous said...

The way I think and know is that in UFC they copare a fighter to a soldier because of their common traits like bravery, the difficulty of fighting, suffering of pain and agony etc and still not giving up. They both do it every time. similarly a bout is compared to war because it is related to fighting too. These comparisons are poetic, if we can understand, and not literal in their meaning. Like for instance the courage of a person is compared to a lion, but it does not imply that both can be guaged and measured literaly. Advertising is poetic, so leave it to them. Having said that I would like to mention that Im a soldier too (not US)with experience of serving in many countries, and at the same time I adore UFC and its fighters. My son is already training in combat sports to become a UFC fighter in future. He is 10. But its wisely said that we need to respect whatever the other person is doing as long as it is not a crime. Chill out all, please.

HASH said...

My comments of 8 Feb have been incorrectly attributed to "Anonymous", it can be related to me as HASH.

Anonymous said...

Shit... this thread sounds so American.

Granted, be it a soldier, or pro fighter, both require extreme dedication, skill & balls to be up there doing it, just they both have their areas in which they specify in. As for commentary, is it really any different from a boxing commentator saying how a fighter is 'soldiering on....' or a marathon runner in athletics or whatever? Pointless argument.

Go get some sex you angry people!

Mark said...

First of all I agree with one of the statements here that the speaker is taking the word "soldier" used by the commercial sporting event in question just a tad too seriously. Does he make the same comment about the line from the song "onward christian soldiers marching as to war"? Probably not. There is no discussion of little girls having their heads blown off in that song nor hand to hand combat.

However, many of the comments here are by people who, for whatever reason, seem to think the speaker said that he could beat up an MMA fighter. HE NEVER SAID THAT! He said that he would rather punch, kick, etc. an MMA fighter than go back to the carnage of war.

The fact that so many of the comments here are responding to him saying that he could beat an MMA fighter just shows how much of dumb rednecks or muscle-heads they truly are. You probably all sleep under nascar sheets in your little MMA pajamas.

Try a little reading comprehension practice and quite bragging about how you can have someone on their knees and begging who has experienced some pretty intense "life" and made some true sacrifices. You might be surprised just how resilient these kinds of people really are.

Its probably not the first time they have experienced pain. Ever had your legs blown off? Probably not. Ever watched your best friend have his legs blown off or maybe burned alive? Probably not.

Why don't the small minded individuals who are attacking the speaker and bragging about how they could beat him in a match grow the fuck up, go back and finish third grade and get some mental help so that you can understand that with all of your skills and ability to beat other people up you are still just another dumbass. In the grand scheme of things, you have contributed nothing to the greater good of humanity.

An MMA fighter is just a tool of entertainment being used by people with little or no "fighter" training who are drastically smarter than the little MMA fighters who are beating the shit out of each other to the glee of simple minded rednecks. A single bullet, choking on a chicken bone or a bad batch of steriods and the oh so mighty MMA fighter is just another heap of decaying flesh.

Except your fate. Stop trying to pick on true fighters, soldiers and heroes. It makes you look even more stupid and childlike than you already do.

Anonymous said...

this goes out to that one stupid idiot that put the mma fighters down.fuck you and all the ignorant ass marines,army punks be all the gay you can be. and the navy can go to hell too.i would really like to see any 1 of them get into the cage with any fighter from the UFC.So then all you stupid ass ignorant fucks can see how they'll get there heads nocked off.So take that shit somewhere els BITCH!

rocco said...

To be honest the person above me said exactly the right stuff!

How the hell are you going to sit behind a computer and tell people that being in a MMA fight isnt like going to war.

Well let me ask you something!
People that are going to war are known to be brave, heroic, strong, pulls threw no matter what's going on.

And people that fight MMA are known to be brave for even stepping foot in the cage, heroic, Strong, Pulls threw anything no matter what his/her injurys are, NEVER backing down, Lots of courage.

So I mean all you did behind this blog is talk a bunch of trash about MMA fighters and tryed to get your self known for being a big army man..OOOH WOW.

Now like the man above me I feel like bashing ALL them GAY armed forces for you even putting down MMA.

It only seems fair.

Army- A bunch of grown ass men getting bitched around by another man called their sarg..WOW reallly toughhh if you ask me.

Navy- A whole ship full of fudge packers that have no women there to fuck so they just settle for blowing a dick or two.

Marines- Some one has to be their for the inbreed rednecks.

All because you guys can take a dick in your ass and keep a smile on your face the whole time doesnt make you tough sorry =]

Haha you n00bz just got PWN3D by a 16 year old.

Anonymous said...

man fuck that. all u muther fuckers think that a soldier will win in any u.f.c. or mma fight? FUCK THAT! i bet if u were to find a soldier with no fighting experience at all and you throw him in the ring eith a UFC title holder he will get knocked the fuck out withing the first 30 seconds. how dumb can u stupid fucks be its ridiculous. god! ufc fighters are called warriors or soldiers because they can survive 25 minutes of domination. so let me ask you guys something. can u handle me punching, kicking, kneeing, elbowing, or choking the shit out of you for 25 minutes. huh? can u handle it....i dont think so! so peace fuckers! its either scrap tap or nap? pick one and ill give it for free.

Anonymous said...

I think you're taking things a little too literally when an MMA fighter is described as a "soldier". Has anyone in the world of MMA ever said that a fighter has more heart or more sacrifice than a true soldier? No. It's simply used an adjective to describe a game fighter who has true dedication and an unbreakable spirit.

To be honest - I don't understand why you would go out of your way to make a blog entry like this. If you followed the sport at all, you'd know how much the fighters and fans appreciate our soldiers. So many MMA fighters take time out of their interviews to show appreciation for our armed forces. The UFC took their Fight Night Live to Miramar to put on a show for the Marines.

If you're going to accuse people of not appreciating and not respecting the armed forces - you should choose another target, because MMA has been one of the biggest most open supporters of American troops.

Afua Richardson said...

wow quite a ruckus on here. lets face it. any televised sport is no war-- nothing can compare with the bravery , the discipline and trauma a soldier must endure. its oranges to apples weather the UFC supports the armed forces is not an issue. fact of the matter is most folks don't fight for anything worth while. and their attention spans won't even allow for them to care about something enough to stand up n fight for it anyway. the UFC is brash entertainment. sure it takes skills, but they fight for personal glory, not any greater good or what they think is greater goal. No disrespect to any fighter's achievement or endurance . but its not a matter of "taking someone on" - but can you really survive and keep your head in a combat situation. most people can't. they dont call it the few for nothin.

Anonymous said...

you all suck you all suck hahahah i hope you die in war
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Anonymous said...

i do not want to be associated with the above writer.
i spent 6 yrs active duty in the united states marine corps.i had the fortune of serving my country and the misfortune of living thru hell on earth.i must agree that horrors i witnessed in war can never compare to a sport.i never have nightmares from fights i saw or participated in.i do have nightmares from the carnage i saw.

Anonymous said...

this has no comparison to fighting in ufc so to let this get you blood up is so stupid,the war is hell on earth and the fight game is just that a fight,so to those who get mad at this shit growup,i'm glad there are guys fighting for our freedom and i'm glad theres a fight game thats fun to watch and get in there to do,so thanks to all who fight over sea and those who enter the ring to entertain us.tull63 not afraid to show who i am ,anonomouse pussy you are .....thats why you hide your name.

Anonymous said...

I think you guys have to much time on ur hands brian stan for instance is an x marine that served for the country and if im correct is the currant belt holder in super heavy weight devision wich means he knows how to hand to hand fight and has saw everything distcusting wrong and vile there is to see about war so why dont all of u dumbasses do a lil more research on each other before you bash each other ive done a couple cage fights and im 21 and thinking about joining the marines so with that said i think ive proved my point

Anonymous said...

and the people sayin the military is gay if it wasnt for those guys and girls dieing every day osama bin laden would be shoving his dick up our asses right now fighters step in a cage to get an ass kickin or give one while soldiers die and kill for the fighters at home to be able to fight it takes bravery to fight it takes everything in u to kill another man or woman or child and thats harder to forget than kickin some random mutherfuckers ass and standin up shakin hands and walkin away to be ALIVE!!!!!!! to fight another day! u lose at war u dont come back so think about that all u fighters that walk out of the ring with black eyes from knuckles hittin you just think if those knuckles wer bullets u'd be dead!! my name is jeremy from ohio. p.s. i also wrote the blog above this one

Anonymous said...

Wow, you know whats kinda crazy? Is I witnessed a MMA fighter verbally attack a female called her every name in the book becuz she wouldnt give the time of day. So I stepped in becuz thats no way to treat a lady he thought we should step, so I did and I beat his ass down pretty bad, whats the point of this comment? Well he held 2 titles and I'm a black belt MCMCAP instructor. Marine Corps Martial Arts... So dont talk shit about these military guys especiall the Marines because we go through extensive hand to hand combat training.. And I would put my students up against an MMA any day....

Anonymous said...

I respect the living hell out of soldiers, don't ge tme wrong. I am an MMA fighter like a few people on here. They are simply uncomparable. Yeah, they say that they're going to war. It's a figure of speech taken out of context. I'm positive you've called someone retarded and didn't literally mean down syndrome. Get a fucking life. Yeah, you guys are tough as hell, but I've never called MMA fighters soldiers. We're warriors. Back in the old colliseum days, when you fight with your hands to stop from getting battered. Are you going to dispute that too? Eitherone is tough. Your's is clearly more serious because you take, and could have your life taken, but at least we can see the whites of our oppnenets eyes before we decide to drop the bombs. Think about it.

Anonymous said...

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Hank J. Wimbleton "Somewhere in Nevada" said...

MMA rocks, indeed, army rocks too, Head shot and all done for any fighter. Granades, explosives, chainsaws, electricity, hit to dead, neck breaks, nuclear missil bombs in all the world, all can turn into shit with just a simple thing named human being.

everybody just bla bla bla about each places of the balance. MMA is great as entertaining sport for "gladiators" and the "populus" that want see fight and blood. War is just war, and soldiers are the ones that put their ass in danger in places were a MMA fighter, as much as he/she could be prepared, will loose his life without the appropiate training.
World needs both of em, don't waste your brain talking here about shit against one or others, both have its pluses and minus, but are what we need right now.
With honor, with power, and good in their respective places, don't mix C4 with Nitroglycerin, both explodes with same intensity but are not the same.