Saturday, June 16, 2007

A Must Win for Rich Franklin

With UFC 72 looming, I wanted to get this out now. This very well could be the last time we see Rich Franklin in the UFC's Octagon. I believe this is the last or second to last fight on his current contract. He is currently paid $21,000 to show and the same to win. At UFC 64 and 68, this is what he made. Franklin is one of the most marketable fighters the UFC has, his headlining 72 is the case made. How does the UFC pay a guy like Rich $21k when guys like Lyoto Machida makes $20/$20, Cheick Kongo makes $20/$20, Werdum makes $80/$80, Arlovski makes $80/$80, and Gonzaga makes $30/$30? I know Rich signed a long-term deal awhile ago, and I'm sure if he beats Okami he will get a better contract next time, but today is a must win for Rich to stay in the UFC. But if not, it won't be that bad for him, EliteXC or bodogFIGHT wll be right around the corner offering him $100s of thousands of dollars to sign.

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