Friday, June 15, 2007

Royce Lets Down the World

I'm not gonna rehash the details, but this is just a knife in the heart for me. I'm sure he wasn't juicing back in the day, so I hope my memories of him don't tarnish over time, but I think they will. The worst part, he was facing the Gracie-Killer in Sak. It makes it all that much worse that the only way he felt he could win over the scourge of his family name is by using steroids. It's funny too, Sak is well respected by the family, almost a family friend, and to have Royce CHEAT against him is dishonorable to me.
I know steroids are prevalent in MMA. With the time between bouts, its easy to stack for awhile and then get off of them so the fighter is clean for the test, but this is not what martial arts are about.
I recently lost my brown/3rd stripe test to a black belt who knee barred me so bad I limped for a week. I needed to beat him or last 5 mins and win on points. I was winning the first 2:50 secs of the match. I was on the side of his back, and went to sweep his left leg. I was thinking I could transition to a side choke or RNC, but as we landed he grabbed my leg and ended it. I stood up limping, shook his hand and thanked him for the match. I felt like Corey Hill after he lost to Diaz. I lasted a good while and was beating him on points, no doubt about that.
I tell that story because I want the reader to understand what martial arts feels like. It's not about winning as much as it is about testing yourself. If a fighter feels he needs an unnatural advantage to win, he has already lost. You are born into this world with your balls and your honor. That is all you get start. What you do with them, and if you get to keep them, is up to you. Royce has lost both.

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RoB said...

"Your balls and your honor" never thought of it like that true. One of the biggest things about the gracie family is that all they need is thier G-JJ its very dissapointing