Wednesday, June 27, 2007

This is the Funniest MMA Video Ever

This video is so fucking funny, that even at the hospital on my PDA I had to figure out a way to post it. Hardest computer thing I've ever done, but worth it.

Shanno Ritch is such a tool.


marco054 said...

hey I've seen u post alot at UFCmania & Bloody Elbow so I figured I'd give your site a shot. I like except it was hard as hell to find. I knew you had one but couldn't find it until you posted it on Bloody Elbow but good shit on here and good luck with the site

marco054 said...

damn that shit was funny. TKO'd & chocked out by his own trainer. Doesn't get any better than that

YouTapped said...

It wasn't the trainer, it was the referee, which is kinda even more funny to me. Looks like it also only took 2 seconds to choke him out, guess someone did not trained for that.

Also: is that guy from Team Punishment? I thought I saw it on his cornerman's T-Shirt.

Also mate: all the best to the missus.

MoreThanUFC said...

Thanks for the good wishes YTed. Yeah it was the ref. I have NEVER seen anything so funny. If you follow the drama on the UG, Shannon is constantly attacked and he always tries to bring up the few highlights of his career. He's such a tool.

JRVMAV said...

that was pretty damn funny