Wednesday, June 27, 2007

My Favorite Bout of All Time

With my ongoing project surrounding Dana White going on, I just can't get over his opinion that Matt Hughes versus Frank Trigg II is the greatest MMA bout he's ever seen, I feel it necessary to post one that could actually qualify as one of the best ever. Heart, skill, technicality, determination, mental toughness, it's all here. How many knees does Newton eat?

Note on the video, the announcer says Pele is 28 in 2002. His first pro bout in Capoeira/Vale Tudo was in 1990. That means he was 16 in his first bout? No, Pele was closer to 35 in this bout. I used to get Vale Tudo VCR tapes in 1991 outta NYC when I was in Europe and most of those tapes would have 2-3 Pele bouts, all different from many different years, some dating back to the 80's. Pele is a hell of a lot older than I think even he knows.

A highlight of the fighter who at one time was the greatest mixed martial artist alive.


JRVMAV said...

i dont see how this bout is the greatest

JRVMAV said...

its not that great, and that dragonball z thing was just gay