Friday, July 6, 2007

Been busy

For the few folks who do check my blog, my wife has had some complications following here surgery, so I've been a little distracted. When she's better, I'll be back at it.

UFC 73 Predictions

Marquardt via leglock mid third
Big Nog
Alvin over Kenflo
Franca just cause I cant stand Sherk
Nickels is gonna shock ya.
Lytle, but this one could be a great fight.
And I hate ot say it, but Gurgel.


Anonymous said...

wow, those were some terrible predictions...

are you always this bad at picking winners or do you just not understand the sport?

MoreThanUFC said...

Usually I'm much better. This card was very emotional for me. Too many fighters I have a personal interest see do well.

But if your gonna slam me, be man and post your name, not anonymously. I despise the chickenshit, cowardly type.