Sunday, June 24, 2007

For the Veterans Amoung Us.

Damn, this article almost made me cry. I'm 36 now and past my prime, but I would love to be 22 again and in the jungles of Colombia. Back then we couldn't go into any cities for fear of getting kidnapped, but we did go into local towns and watch Vale Tudo style fights all the time. That was my first outlet to MMA.

Then in Japan is the late 90's shuttling back and forth to the Phillipines and other countries, I would always catch any Pancrase I could. The first fighter I remember was Bas Rutten. How could you miss a bald, white Hollander?

I ALWAYS asked myself if I could do what I saw. How tough I really was. Could I compete. Well, I never got to find out, but someone else is living my dream for me...

Read this soldiers, sailors, and marines.

Cave Canem, brother. Give em hell.

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