Friday, July 13, 2007

Here's My Pic of the Day

They sure don't look like two of the most dangerous men on the planet, do they?

This pic was taken while Wandy was visiting Randy in Ohio. Silva taught some classes around the country that I've heard were very well done, and did a few motivational speeches while making business contacts. Wanderlei is currently preparing to move to the US, so that's why he's saying he can't fight in September, but will fight in November.

But Wandy, even your website still says Sept. 22?


The Anomaly said...

This shows Wandi has respect for Chuck. But man if he trains with Randy i'd have to give the edge to Wandi.
Hey bro try to get some info on Fedor, wouldn't that be legit if you were the first to mob the news on that one?

MoreThanUFC said...

Man, in all seriousness and no bullshit, I can tell you exactly what's going on behind the scenes with Fedor and I don't even have to be there. It's the same shit Red Devil pulled on bodog. See, if you wanna sign Fedor, you have to sign the whole fucking team. When Fedor fought Lindland, the whole frigging card was nothing but Red Devil fighters getting outrageous paydays for guys with little talent. That is one of the biggest holdups right now for the UFC. They're not gonna sign cans for 60/60 a fight.